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The Writings of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

The Manner of Seeking Salvation

The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners

Pressing into the Kingdom of God

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

All of the above sermons were preached during The Great Awakening by Jonathan Edwards and are available in tract form from International Outreach, Inc.

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Additonal sermons by Jonathan Edwards are being added at this location:

More Sermons by Jonathan Edwards

One of the best accounts of the beginnings of the Great Awakening was written by Edwards in 1736. He entitled it:

A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God

We have reproduced A Faithful Narrative here in its entirety, believing that it is one of the most helpful pieces ever written to understand both the nature of true revival and of genuine conversion. We have also added testimonies from people in our time who were converted in a manner very similar to those in the Great Awakening.

Great Awakening Style Conversions Today

Following the Great Awakening Edwards wrote one of his greatest masterpieces Religious Affections. In it Edwards detailed what he believed were and were not signs of those who had been truly converted. In this day of prolific false conversion, we believe it is critical to re-examine the words of Edwards regarding this all important subject. You may download the entire text of Religious Affections by clicking on the pdf icon below.

Religious Affections (entire text)

Selections from Religious Affections :

Gracious Affections are attended with evangelical Humiliation

Gracious and holy Affections have their exercise and fruit in Christian Practice

Edwards also authored a short piece on Directions for Judging of Persons' Experiences to help pastors in discerning the true work of God in the hearts of men as opposed to legal conviction.

As a young man, Edwards wrote down some resolutions which he made between God and himself. Edwards committed himself to reading them every week for the rest of his life. We highly recommend that you review them and perhaps use them in your own life. Please see

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

These resolutions were made by Edwards during the years of 1722-1723 when he was about 20 years of age.

One of the greatest of Edwards' works was his treatise on

The Freedom of the Will

written in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and published in 1757.

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